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Latin and

A deep knowledge of Classical civilization, including Latin and Greek, provides a firm foundation for better understanding our world today.


Midtown participates in a number of organizations and activities that encourage mastery of Latin and appreciation of the Classical world. 

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Latest Activities and Highlights

Coming up!

State Latin Forum

National Latin Exam

National Latin Vocabulary Exam

National Hellenic Civilization Exam

Exploratory Latin Exam

January 2023

Regional Latin Forum

Keartamen IV

Service project - supply drive for the homeless

Weekly meetings

December 2022

National Classical Etymology Exam

National Roman Civilization Exam

Weekly meetings

November 2022

FJCL Fall Forum

Service Project - letters to aging

Service project - Lake Ella clean-up

Skating fundraiser hosted by other local programs

Weekly meetings

October 2022

Rickards Classics Day

Tallahassee Certamen

Service project - letters to teachers

Weekly meetings

September 2022

FSU Certamen

Service project - letters to teachers

Weekly meetings

July 2022

NJCL Convention, Lafayette, LA

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